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  • 15 MAY 30 JUN
    Les deuxièmes rencontres annuelles du GDR "Défis théoriques pour les sciences du climat" auront lieu du 5 au 7 juin 2023, à l'IHP à Paris.
  • 12 JUN 14 JUN
    Aerovehicles 5 is meant as a place where engineers and researchers can exchange their ideas and progress in ground vehicle aerodynamics. It is a forum for engineers and scientists from both industry (manufacturers and operators of road vehicles and trains) and universities to present and discuss recent advances and latest methodologies in the field of vehicle aerodynamics, and identify research needs concerning: physical modelling; numerical predictions; experimental approaches and analysis of huge data fields.
  • 20 JUN 22 JUN
    An OPENING WORKSHOP ON TURBULENT FLOWS is scheduled for the LTP’s first week, specifically from Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 June 2023. The presentations at the workshop will be broadcast by videoconference. The workshop is open (with no fee) to external audience with a maximum of 10 on site people and no limit by visio-conference. See https://lmfl.cnrs.fr/workshop/ltp-2023-program-registration/
  • 26 JUN 07 JUL
    The school aims to provide modern and eclectic viewpoints from the mathematics and physics community on the concept of cascades. For more details, please visit the school website : https://univ-cotedazur.eu/events/turbulence-semester/summer-school.Applications are now open, until April 1. 2023.
  • 11 SEP 15 SEP
    This advanced course will be delivered at CISM on the topic of Lagrangian Approaches to Multiphysics Two-Phase flows. The aim of this course is to explore multiphysics and multiscale aspects of two-phase flows through particle tracking methods (covering a range of experimental and numerical methods).