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PhD position on tribocharging on granular agglomeration and its relevance for planet formation - Univ. de Chile

Du 1 mai 2019 au 31 décembre 2019

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Departamento de Física, Universidad de Chile

In the project, Experimental Astrophysical Research into Terrestrial growtH (EARTH), we will investigate the growth processes in protoplanetary disks from the point of view of granular physics. In particular we want to study the effect of tribocharging, i.e. the exchange of electrical charge between particles during collisions, which could offer a way to overcome the meter-sized barrier as it can dramatically increase growth rates.

Prof. Nicolás Mujica (nmujica@dfi.uchile.cl)
Ph.D. or postdoc position (for more details, see https://goo.gl/1ZHru1)
QUIMAL Project: Experimental Astrophysical Research into Terrestrial growtH (EARTH)