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PhD student in Meteorology with focus on high-fidelity wind farm modelling

Du 1 avril 2024 au 1 avril 2027

3 years contract
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 Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University, Sweden
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Trends such as larger wind farms and larger wind turbine rotors require high fidelity models such as large-eddy simulation (LES) to predict and understand the underlying aerodynamic and meteorological phenomena. Within this PhD project you will be part of a research group that focuses on fluid mechanics of individual wind turbines and wind farms. The project is concerned with the development of new modelling capabilities of an established numerical model.

This project is a part of a large international academic collaboration network within Marie Curie and the project AptWind. The Atmospheric Physics and Turbulence for Wind Energy (AptWind) Doctoral Network provides training for a new creative, entrepreneurial, innovative and resilient industry-oriented academic generation apt to face current and future challenges at the frontier of research within atmospheric flow physics and turbulence for wind energy applications, where the trained Doctoral Candidates will be able to convert knowledge and ideas into new products, and services for economic and social benefit. AptWind is funded by Horizon Europe through grant number 101119550. For more information visit

As a PhD student within AptWind you will be one out of 15 PhD students in a large international consortium gathering the most important academic and industrial actors within the field. This will provide an excellent platform for a future career in academia or industry.

The primary focus will be on studying very large rotors and wind farms, especially on how the physics on the different layers of the atmosphere affect the flow within these large wind power farms. We will study how well today’s models are able to reproduce flow in and around current and future generations of very large solid turbines located in very large wind farms. Especially, we aim to study farm to farm interaction that is becoming more and more interesting since we are erecting a large number of large wind farms in places such as the North and Baltic Seas.

In this particular PhD project, you will be enrolled as a PhD student at Uppsala University in close collaboration with Vattenfall. The PhD student will mainly be located at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. Within the four years, the PhD student will have an external research stay of 18 months at Vattenfall Hamburg in Germany. You will have supervisors from both academia and industry. In addition, the AptWind will facilitate a number of training events spread over Europe related to your research project. 

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