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Postdoc: An experimental study on the se6ling and clustering of droplets in realis9c turbulent environments

Du 1 février 2024 au 1 février 2026

2 years contract
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LMFL - Centrale Lille Institut
Contacts : Martin Obligado,

This postdoc position consists on an experimental study of highly unsteady and inhomogeneous particle-laden flows, a problem at the heart of virus transmission and climate change predictions. For such aim, we propose a series of innovative experiments on the gravitational settling and spatial segregation of particles carried by unsteady and inhomogeneous turbulent flows. The project will provide a description of the pulsed jet (on single and multi-phase conditions), including realistic situations such as laryngeal-like jets and time-dependent particle inertia caused by phase transitions. The proposed experiments start from canonical conditions but progressively increase in complexity in a controlled way.

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