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Postdoc on Interactions between large structures, gravity waves

Du 1 juillet 2024 au 30 juin 2026

 LMFA - Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Lyon - FRANCE
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This postdoctorate investigates the question of the influence of large structures on small scales and their fluctuations and vice versa in atmospherics dynamics. In particular, this postdoctorate will consist especially in performing Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of an idealized geophysical flow in the strongly stratified turbulence (SST) regime (i.e. small Froude number and high buoyancy Reynolds number) containing large structures called vertically-sheared horizontal flow, internal gravity waves and eddies. In addition, he will have to apply a new method for extracting large strutures, waves and vortices, developed in our team (Lam atmos 2020 , JFM 2021 & JFM 2023) and calculate the velocity increments for each part.

This post-doctorate is founded by French Agency of Research (ANR) with LASWATEX project which aims to better understand and predict large scale / Gravity-Wave / micro-turbulence interactions by new theoretical models fed by quantitative data
provided by numerical simulations. The project is a collaboration between theoretician (M2C laboratory at Rouen France) and numericists (LMFA laboratory
at Ecole Centrale de Lyon France).

To apply, more details are available on attached files.