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  • 01 DEC 31 AUG
    The Collaborative Research Centre TRR 181 "Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean" invites applications for 30 PhD and Postdoc positions.
  • 01 DEC 31 JUL
    Extrait du bulletin officielle recensant les postes de chargé de recherche ouverts au CRNS en 2021. A noter notamment en section 10 l'ouverture d'un poste CRCN colorié "Instabilités, turbulence ou couplage fluide/strucutre".
  • 01 DEC 28 FEB
    Cet ouvrage présente les bases de la turbulence aux chercheurs en écologie marine, et les couplages de l’écologie marine avec la turbulence, aux chercheurs en turbulence provenant d’autres disciplines. Il s’adresse aux doctorants, jeunes chercheurs et chercheurs confirmés intéressés par ces deux sujets et leurs interactions.
  • 01 DEC 28 FEB
    We are pleased to announce the publication of the Special issue of the Comptes-Rendus Mécanique dedicated to the memory of Yves Couder. Several contributions written by his former students, colleagues and friends celebrate the research themes and teaching experiences which have marked the career of this remarkable Professor.


  • 01 MAY 30 OCT
    The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers from different communities (academics and researchers from industrial research institutes in fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, ...) working on fundamental problems involving dispersed flows.
  • 01 MAY 30 OCT
    Turbulent flow regimes, compressible or otherwise, are omnipresent in high-Reynolds-number aerodynamic systems. Accurate prediction is required to anticipate and optimise the performance of new concepts. Optimisation is particularly important where the reduction of chemical and noise pollution is concerned. Robustness and safety for real weather and varying environmental conditions are also critical for aeronautical/terrestrial transportation and for renewable energy industries. These constraints have driven significant progress in the academic and industrial communities in recent years, for instance in the fields of Hybrid, Large-Eddy simulation and Lattice-Boltzmann approaches for the modelling and analysis of unsteady industrial flows; or in the development of measurement methodologies that are now frequently used in the context of data-driven modelling. New theoretical frameworks have appeared for the description of out-of-equilibrium turbulence, and for the reduction and modelling of coherent structures
  • 25 JAN 26 FEB
    The goal of this thematic month is to review the latest advances in mathematics for signal and image processing, their emergence and impact on several application fields (physics, biology, bio-medical, etc.)It will start with a research doctoral school on "Machine learning and signal processing".
  • 19 APR 23 APR
    Understanding the dynamics of planetary and stellar fluid layers - including the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets, iron cores, and stellar convective and radiative zones - remains a tremendous interdisciplinary challenge, relying on common knowledge in fundamental fluid mechanics.
  • 01 JAN
    Session 1.2 Nonlinear analysis and simulation of intermittent space and/or time fieldsConvened by Daniel Scherzer and James Cho. Abstract submission deadline: April 1, 2020.

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